Emerald Coast Dog Behavior Testimonials


Melanie is a knowledgeable breath of fresh air for our furry friends. The tools she has given us are priceless and oh what a positive change for our fearful foster girl - C.M.

We had a great afternoon and evening with Buster! It was wonderful! - M.C.

Melanie has a true gift and uses that in her treatment of our fur babies. I cannot applaud someone more - K.R.

Best customer service. Best care. Melanie is passionate about what she does, but it's the love she has for each pup that comes into her care that really shines - R.B.

Melanie is the BEST! She does wonders for so many pups. She is just one of those people who makes you feel calm just being around - J.C.

Melanie is an amazing human being and will love and care for your animal just like her own - R.K.

After working with Melanie for an hour, my German Shepherd and I achieved what I could never achieve during hours of training with other dog trainers...no more lunging and barking at other dogs while on leash. It was amazing to see Axel totally under control as I walked him past dogs, of all sizes, even those lunging and barking at him!   I would definitely recommend Melanie as a very effective dog trainer! - K.M.

Annie had another wonderful walk!  She was so happy.  Still with us in the same room.  She's her old self.  Thank you - A.S.