Candidates 30a Dog Trainer in Santa Rosa Beach

Dog Behavior

Like humans, each and every dog is an individual with different traits and personalities. 

It is vital for owners to be honest concerning their dog’s issues and what they would like to improve or change. Each dog will require a unique approach of rehabilitation, based on their personality, traits and temperament. Melanie will develop a specific plan catered to your pup to modify behavior. You and your dog will receive effective educational training with Emerald Coast Dog Behavior in Santa Rosa Beach that will last a lifetime.

Dogs must be able to coexist with their owners and other members of their pack in a balanced state of mind. 

  • Do you wish you could walk your dog with no reactions to distractions
  • Would you like for your dog to be able to properly and safely socialize with other dogs?
  • Do you sense your dog’s nervousness, anxiety or fearfulness?
  • Does your dog refuse to listen to you?
  • Have previous dog trainers yielded unsatisfactory results?
  • Is your dog a nightmare inside the house, even when you have guests?

Within a well-balanced environment--with rules, boundaries and limitations-- Emerald Coast Dog Behavior shows you how to provide lleadership, obedience & structure  for your pack.