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Learn Your Dog's Perspective

Melanie's  unique approach to training is based on teaching from a Dog Psychology perspective where we will focus on your dog’s state of mind and not just obedience behaviors that are usually achieved through bribery (treats),  and rarely sustain long-term or reliable results without understanding dog psychology.

By understanding a dog’s state of mind and psychology, it gives us the opportunity to tap into the dog’s instinctual side making learning much easier.  Melanie will show your dog how to trust and respect you as a leader which will create a calm, happy, obedient and balanced dog. Melanie really believes her work is more with understanding your dog's psychology more than training. As a trained animal energy worker through Healing Touch for Animals Certified Practitioner, she believes in evaluating the "energy" of the dog, just like Cesar does. With the background she has, that is why she wanted to work with the Dog Whisperer's ways.  

Your Dog's Plan


After an initial evaluation of your dog's behavior, I will devise a plan of approach based on your dog’s individual needs and personality. The key to a well- behaved dog is establishing rules, boundaries and limitations. Every dog craves leadership in a home. And if they don't recognize a pack leader, they will take that role. That's when problems arise in your home. 

By using discipline, exercise and affection, you will see your dog make a turnaround. By discipline I mean commitment to a regimen. For example, you are disciplined to eat healthy; disciplined to working out. You may be disciplined to take your dogs for a pack walk every morning and evening.   Once the dog has become comfortable with their new routine, you will begin to see a change in behavior, whether it is with a dog aggressive dog or a timid dog..By cultivating new habits, training properly and instilling the unique approach that I use, you will witness an incredible change within your dog! Dog Behavior in Santa Rosa Beach