Dog Psychology/behavior

We provide the knowledge and services for dog owners to become the pack leaders our dogs want and need us to be.

Emerald Coast Dog Behavior  believes dog psychology is the foundation to any type of dog training.  Psychology for dogs works with their  instincts and by honoring our dogs as pack animals first we can better understand, communicate, and advocate for our dogs.

Do you dream of walking your dog calmly down the street on a loose leash with no reactions to distractions? Do you think it’s impossible for your dog to socialize with other dogs? Do you feel like your dog will always be nervous, anxious or afraid? Is your dog a nightmare in the house who refuses to listen to you?

What about being able to have 100% recall control, so that your dog will come when called.

Has your dog become a crutch on your life causing you stress, frustration and embarrassment? Have you worked with other trainers with little to no results?

Have you been told that “this is just how he/she is” or that your dog is unable to be trained? Well then you are definitely in the right place.