Boutique Doggie daycare


Activity/Pack Walks

This opportunity for your pup is only for a small number of attendees. The cost is $45 a day per dog for the day care.  We plan some activities during the day, like ball/toy play in the yard and structured pack walks so that the pups in my care are tired and happy! Like Cesar says, a tired dog is a happy dog; and this results in the end to many behavior boredom and separation anxiety.

Crate-free day care

Your dog will spend the day along with my dogs.  They go out to potty at least four times a day. They get to go out and play with toys and balls for a bit; and maybe even go swimming! Then there is a structured pack walk with every dog in my care...up to 2x a day.  This is where your dog learns to view you as the pack leader (with my direction). And then during the day there is nap time. They are inside on beds alongside my pack...enjoying doggie dreams in the air conditioning!